How to Get Settled - Transportation, Travel, & Obtaining a Driver's License

Local Transportation

These services provide transportation for individuals whose points of origin and destinations are within their community or other nearby communities. Many of these services have an associated cost, or riders must qualify to use the service. Please consult the relevant websites for information including costs, routes and schedules.

City-wide Transit Services - Burlington

City-wide Transit Services - Halton Hills

City-wide Transit Services - Milton

City-wide Transit Services - Oakville

Halton-wide and other Ontario Transit Services

  • Taxi Companies serving Halton
  • Halton Student Transportation Services - school bus service for publicly funded school boards in Halton
  • GO Transit - regional train and bus service (for inter-city transportation across the Greater Golden Horseshoe region in Ontario).
  • 407 ETR - barrier-free toll highway in the Greater Toronto Area (GTA)
  • Triplinx - official trip planner and one-stop transportation information resource for the Greater Toronto and Hamilton Area (GTHA)
  • UP Express - rail link between Toronto Union Station and Toronto Pearson International Airport

Transit Passes

Transit passes are cards or vouchers that people can use in lieu of cash to pay for transportation.

  • Presto Card - an electronic, reloadable fare card used on participating public transit systems including Burlington Transit, Hamilton Street Railyway (HSR), Oakville Transit, MiWay (Mississauga transit), the Toronto Transit Comission (TTC), GO Transit busses and trains, and more.
  • SPLIT (Subsidized Passes for Low Income Transit) - SPLIT helps with public transit costs for low income residents in Burlington, Milton and Oakville, and ActiVan tickets and taxi scrip dollars in Halton Hills.

Obtaining a Driver's License

If you already have a valid driver’s licence from another province, state or country, you can use that licence for 60 days, after which you need to switch to an Ontario driver’s licence; see Ontario's information on how to exchange an out-of-province driver’s licence.

If you do not already have a valid driver’s licence but want to drive in the province, you must be at least 16 year’s old and obtain an Ontario driver’s licence. Once you pass an eye test and a written test about the rules of the road, you can apply for:

  • a G class licence if you want to drive a car, van and/or small truck; or
  • an M class licence if you want to ride a motorcycle, motor scooter and/or moped

For more information on obtaining your license, see:

Buying and Owning a Car

Long Distance Transportation

Travelling Abroad

Before obtaining citizenship, you will need a permanent resident card or travel document to travel abroad. for more information see the topic Citizenship, Residency, & Language Learning

Traveller's Assistance

Traveller's Assistance provides supportive services including information for tourists, travelers or other visitors.