How to Get Settled - Children & Youth: Childcare, Education, & Employment

Find Child Care

In Ontario, there are two (2) types of childcare:

  • Licensed – regulated by the government
  • Unlicensed – not regulated by the government

There are often waitlists for licensed child care spaces, so start search as soon as possible.

Enroll Your Children in School

Public Schools

Most children can attend a publicly-funded school for free regardless of their immigration status or the status of their parent.

Parents need to provide proof that a child has been vaccinated or immunized when enrolling them in public school.

Halton School Boards:

Private Schools

The government does not pay for private schooling.

Youth Employment

To work in Canada or access government programs and benefits, you need a 9-digit number know as a Social Insurance Number (SIN). For more information, including how to apply, see the Government of Canada’s webpage.